Travel Guide

Tips and suggestions to make your vacation/travel pleasant and safe:

You are advised to pack appropriate clothes according to the climate at the destination(s) you are to visit. Warm clothes, viz, sweater, muffler, hand gloves, socks, etc., must be taken along during winter. Vaseline and cold cream are also recommended.
Everyday necessities such as toothpaste, soap, detergent cake, nylon clothesline for drying clothes, towel, napkin, shoes/chappals, sun glasses, mosquito repellent cream, torch, water bottle, a few polythene bags, etc. must also be packed in your luggage.
Items such as bedspread, shawl or quilt, air pillow, chain lock must be carried during train journeys.
It is recommended to carry bags of Aristocrat or V.I.P. brand. Put your full name and address on the bags and also enclose them in a cloth cover. You are advised to buy the camera roll and deck of playing cards in Pune itself.
Carry your medicine kit comprising your regular medicines (as per your doctor’s prescription). As a precautionary measure, you are advised to carry a State Bank ATM Card, Travellers Cheques or hard cash in Rs. 500 denomination.
Please carry a pocket diary and pen to make notes during the journey.
Do not carry gold ornaments and/or any other valuables during the journey. The Company shall not be responsible in any way.